How to Print 1094-C

How to Print a 1094-C

1) Select Print Forms from the menu bar then select Print Forms from the drop-down.


2) Select the payer/company from the Company drop-down.

3) Select the form type from the Form drop-down.

4) Select the employee from the Employees available to Print window. 

5) Select printing Option, (Pre-printer or Laser generated) Select Print Copy: ( IRS COPY note: your IRS copy should be printed in order to print your 1094-C)




NOTE: After you have printed all your employees; your employees should be on the bottom window.

Follow the same steps from above 1 to 5 to select your form to print your 1094-C.

NOTE: Your Employees should be on the top window. When you click on print your employees should be on the bottom window.


NOTE: If you are trying to print Part III or Part IV you will need to Select ALL from bottom window → Reset to reprint please see below :


 Your Employees should be available to print.


 6) Set the print alignment and click Save Alignment.

7) Click View to preview the form on screen or Print to print.



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