Admin Rights and Demo Mode - 2012 Software

If you received a notice during installation or when printing your forms that you are running in "Demo Mode" of the software, you need to run your software with "Admin Rights".

To do this please make sure you complete the following:

1)      Install Software on your local PC using the CD that was included with your purchase

2)      Verify the user account you are installing and running the software with has Admin rights and has a user account on the local PC.

3)      Don’t run or install your software with Guest, Standard, or a Power user account. This will force you into Demo Mode.

                Contact your Program Administrator to give you Admin Right to your PC.

4)      After you have Admin Rights you will need to re-fresh the software program.

To do this - (insert the software into the PC and run the program click NEXT all the way through. DO NOT check any boxes.  Accept the agreement but nothing else, continue clicking NEXT until you reach the Finish button then click the Finish button.

You will now have the full version of the software program.

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