How to Submit Forms In Progress when E-filing through the ACA Software

Submit Forms in Progress:

When e-filing through the software, once your forms are uploaded to the e-file site, they are placed on the Forms in Progress page. From here, you must select your forms to add to the cart in order to checkout and submit them. You can always leave forms on the Forms in Progress page until you are ready to check them out, for example if you are filing for more than one payer. Follow these steps to access the Forms in Progress page from the software.


1) Click E-File from the menu bar and then click Submit Forms in Progress.  Type in your password for the E-file account and select Log in.



 2) A web browser will open, logging you in to your e-file account and navigating you to the Forms in Progress page.



3) On this page, select the forms you are ready to checkout, select the service option of E-file Only or E-file & Delivery, then click Add to Cart.

Note: If you have more than 100 forms that you want to add to cart you MUST use the box next to SELECT to SELECT the first 100 and use the new option of SELECT ALL ITEMS to




4) ) Once the forms are in the cart, click Proceed to Checkout.



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