Import Employees from Excel File


 Note: If you used another program prior to 2017 you will to Export from your previous software into an excel spreadsheet (copy and paste into our import template) and import. 

Note: When using the excel template and your employees are not importing, verify on the spreadsheet there are no spaces after your data this will cause the forms not to import! 

Importing Employees/1095-B or 1095-C from Excel:

1. Select Companies & Employees from the menu bar then select Manage Companies & Employees

1 ACA Company Employee tool bar.gif

2.  Select the Company from the drop down menu 

3. Select the Import Employees


4.  Click Get Template form drop down box select template (Employees List, 1095-C or 1095-B)


5. Save the excel template (i.e. Recipient List – Template), and choose the location to save your file (it is highly recommended to save your file to your desktop to make it easy to locate). Click Save.


Note: It is recommended to save the file to your desktop so it is easy to locate when you are ready to import the file.

7. Minimize the software program screen.

8. Locate and open the Excel template you saved in step 5. 

9. Enter your employees data into the appropriate fields in the file.

10. Save and close the Excel file when finished entering the data.

11. Maximize the software program screen.

12. On the Add Employees screen enter the # of records (employees) you are importing

Note: If importing 1095-C or 1095-B you will need to select from drop down box

13. Click Import.


14. Click Add or Overwrite for the employee’s data you are importing. 

Note:  Add means you want to add more employees to the existing employees for the selected company.  Overwrite means the current employess list for the company selected will be overwritten with the new employee in the import (meaning it will delete all current employee in your software for that specific company).


15Locate the template you saved earlier with your employees data and click Open.


16. Your software will now import the data from the Excel file and when completed a message on the import screen will appear reading:  “Recipient List Imported.”

Note: You can check to make sure all your employees were imported by looking at the employees lists under the company selected in the Manage Companies & Employees screen.


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