How to Extract Data Files from a Zip Folder

Extract files and place them in the data folder

  1. Locate the zip file that you transferred onto the new PC using Step 1 instructions above.
  2. Right click on Zip Folder and select the Extract All option
  3. The Extraction Wizard is opened. Click the Next button.
  4. On the next screen you will select a destination for the files. Click the Browse button.
  5. Click My Computer, Local Disk (C), Tax Folder, Choose LaserLink or
    TFP or TaxRight (depending on what software title you are restoring)
  6. Finally, click the DATA folder and click OK button.
  7. The destination folder should look something like this; click the Next button on this screen
  8. When you are asked “Do you want to copy and replace the files?” click Yes to all and the extracting progress bar will be visible.
  9. Click the Finish button to complete the process
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