Creating a W-2C or W-3C

Correcting a W-2

1)  Select TAX FORMS from menu and then select W-2C.

       NOTE:  W-2C and W-3C are available in Laser Link Only 



2)  Select a company in Company/Payer section.

3)  Select employee in Employee/Payee section.


Depending on the type of correction you are making:

A)  If correcting the employees SSN:

1)  Check the box in section e.

2)  Enter the correct SSN in section d.

3)  Enter the previously reported SSN in section f.

4)  Click Save.



B)  If correcting the employees’ name:

1)  Check the box in section e.

2)  Enter the previously reported name in section g.

3)  Enter the correct name in section h.

4)  Click Save.



C)  If correcting incorrect amounts reported:

1)  Click on Federal Data  tab.

2)  Fill in data previously reported in column A.

3)  Fill in correct data in column B.   

4)  Click SAVE.


8)  Select other employees and repeat these steps 2 through 7 if needed.

9)  Select TAX FORMS from menu and then select W-3C.



10)  Select tax year on the top left corner to view transferred data from W2C(s).


11)  Select YES or NO at the bottom of the form, depending if you’re corrections made adjustments to previously filed tax returns. If clicking Yes, enter the date you previously filed below.

12)  Click SAVE.

13)  Go to Tax Forms Printing for printing instructions.


Can I efile a W-2C  if I originally mailed:

If the original W-2 Recipient's SSN is left blank, all Zero, or states "Applied for" The Payer cannot submit a W-2C.  

The Payer must contact the SSA at 1-800-772-6270 for instructions on how to submit correction for the recipients.

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