How to Backup Data

Backup Database

Default Locations for Backup File:

2016 Software: C:\Program Files (x86)\______ for 2016\Backup
______ will be the software name
File extension will be .bkp


2017 Software: C:\Program Files (x86)\_______for_2017\DbBackup

______ will be the software name

File extension will be .bak

This software allows you to back up your important tax data in a few easy steps:

1)  Close all windows before start.

2)  Select Utilities from menu bar, then Backup/Restore DB.

3)  Click Back up.


Backup Restore.gif


4)  Your database will be saved in Backup folder (within the software directory). 

NOTE: After you have back up your data to the Back folder you are able to copy and paste onto a Flash Drive/USB/Jumpdrive to restore to another pc

5)  When backup has been stored, a completion screen will appear.  This screen will also show the location in which your backup file is placed: C:\Program Files\software\Backup\yourfilename.bkp. 


6)  Click OK.

7)  Backup has been successfully created.



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