How to create Payers

Create Payers/Companies:

 If you are receive an error message: “Invalid Payer Name. Payer's Name may only contain A-Z, 0-9, hyphens, periods and apostrophes” we are have updated our software to be in Compliance with the IRS/SSA. The IRS only accepts the following punctuation A-Z, 0-9, hyphens, periods and apostrophes any special characters such as ( ! , & ’ etc .) will need to be remove in your Payer Name then you will be able to save.
You will also need to check any EIN/TIN under your Recipients Information.

1) Select Payers & Recipients from the menu bar then select Manage Payers & Recipients from the drop-down.


2) Click Add New Payer.


3) Enter payer/company information (all Bold fields are Required fields) and click Save & Add Another to create more payers/companies or Save to return to the Manage Payers & Recipients screen. 

Note: To enter the State ID you must first Add a Payer - Save and than go back to the Payer Information to Add the State ID - If you are not required to Enter State ID then skip this step. 

To Enter the State ID 

  1. Select Payer 
  2. View/Edit in upper right for Payer/Company
  3. Select the State ID


4. Enter the State and State ID 


5. Save 

6. Close

7. Save the Edit Payer/ Company Screen

(Use below Support Article link for more information regarding Entering State ID in Software)

How to Enter State ID

NOTE- Payer Type, Employer Kind: When creating a W-2 you Must select from the drop down box the kind of payer and employer you are

Payer Type: (941, 945, 944, Military, Railroad, Household Employee, Medicare Govt Emp)  

  • 941 - Employer's QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return
  • 944 - Employer's ANNUAL Federal Tax Return
  • 943 - Employer's Annual Tax Return for Agricultural Employees, and you file Form W-2 for agricultural employees.
  • Military - You are a military employer and you file Form W-2 for members of the uniformed services
  • CT-1 – You are a railroad employer and you file Form W-2 for employees covered under the Railroad Retirement Tax Act (RRTA)
  • Household employer - You are a household employer, you file Form W-2 for household employees, and you do not include the household employees' taxes on Form 941 or Form 943
  • Medicare government employer - You are a U.S., state, or local agency and you file Form W-2 for employee’s subject only to the 1.45% Medicare tax

Employer Kind: (None Apply, 501c, State/local non-501c, State/local 501c, Federal govt) 


NOTE: The message in the 2017 software is reading "Recipient Kind" this is actually "Kind of Employer"

(Use below link for details on creating Recipients)

How to create Recipients

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