2020 Laser Link / TFP20.19 / ACA updates

If you are having issues updating Laser Link / TFP 20.20 or ACA software you are able to go directly to the website and download from here:

No Internet Connection? You are able to download the update to a flash drive using a computer connect to the internet. 

Click the link below > Next you will select the Patch download and Save to your desktop Next copy and paste into the directory called UPDATES- c/program file or program files (86) / (Laser Link 2020 or TFP20.20 or ACA for 2020) once you have save the file in the UPDATE folder.

Open up the software under Utilities select Check for Updates  or run the updater by double clicking on the update file


Laser Link 2020

Laser Link Update

TFP 20.20

TFP 2020 Update

ACA for 2020           

ACA 2020 Update - Currently no Updates Available

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