Printing Issues

Printing Issues:

NOTE: Starting from the 2018 Software when you adjust the alignment, you will have to use the print button in the software (DO NOT USE the VIEW to Print).  

If you are having issues aligning your forms or receiving an error or your print job does not complete it could be that your print driver is out of date. Also you may be using incorrect type of printer. Below you will find other common reasons for any printing difficulty. 

NOTE: The IRS/SSA recommends using a high quality type printer no more than 4 – 5 years old

(We highly recommend to print using blank sheet of paper when testing printing issues) 

  1. Bubble jet and Ink jet are not supported due to the margins and font these types of printers use a spray on ink that smears
  2. Printers - PCL6 compatible might have problems with the drivers these printers are out to date for Window 7 and up
  3. All Laser printers make sure your print drivers are up to date – check with your printer manufactures web site. (We Recommend to Re-Boot PC after installing/updating printer drivers)
  4. We recommend using the manufacture printer drivers – Generic drivers may still have issues
  5. Printer Scale is set at 100% - locate this setting under your Windows Printer and Devices screen
  6. Second Form alignment is not adjusting this could be your current printer driver not supporting this feature 
  7. Printing too light - check under Printer Preference, Paper/Quality it may be set to EconoMode (Toner Save) also another possible cause is that if user have color printer then in order to print tax forms correctly, color printer should be set with Grayscale Printing (Black and White).
  8. Form Alignment - Will align the information such as dollar amounts, address, etc., on entire form type (sheet) not each individual section of the tax form. (Software not compatible with Free IRS Forms)
  9. When Printing through software you will be able make any needed changes in your Printer Properties, such as double sided, Layout, Margins, Etc., (Please note you may also be able to make these changes through your Printer Software or Windows Control Panel > Devices and Printers)




** Use links below to view additional printing articles as needed **

How to Print Forms:

Printing on Free IRS Forms: (Not Software Compatible)

How to change your Printer Selection/Properties:



View/Print Image too Small- Follow below steps:

1) Not able to see report


2)  Select the percentage to resize the report 




Social Security accepts laser printed Forms W-2/W-3 as well as the standard red drop-out ink forms. Both the laser forms and the red drop-out ink forms must comply with Internal Revenue Service's Publication 1141 and require pre-approval from Social Security.

Pub: 1141

Section 3.2

.02 Employers should type or machine-print data entries on plain paper forms whenever possible. Ensure good quality by using a high-quality type (face),  inserting data in the middle of blocks that are well separated from other printing and guidelines, and taking any other measures that will guarantee clear, sharp images. Black ink must be used with no script type, inverted font,
italics, or dual-case alpha characters.

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