"syntax" Payer and Recipient Not Rolling Over

If you receive a “syntax error” during installation and/or your Payer rolled over but no Recipient this is coming from a previous year software program

Here is how to fix:

Under the Payer and Recipient tab > select Manage Payer and Recipient

  1. In current year software program Delete the Payer that do not have Recipient
  2. In previous year software program Select Payer any Payer/Recipient with a TIN/EIN that may only contain A-Z, 0-9, hyphens, periods and apostrophes”. Any special characters such as ( ! , & ’ etc .) will need to be remove in your Payer Name then you will be able to save.
  3. In current year software, Under the Utilities tab select Import Prior year data > Import One Company at a time

Note: If the Payer does not import you will need to follow steps again


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