"syntax" Payer and Recipient Not Rolling Over from 2018 - 2022

If you receive a “syntax error” during installation and/or your Payer rolled over but no Recipient this is coming from your 2018 - 2022 software program

Here is how to fix:

Under the Payer and Recipient tab > select Manage Payer and Recipient

  1. 2022 program Delete the Payer that do not have Recipient
  2. 2021 Select Payer any Payer/Recipient with a TIN/EIN that may only contain A-Z, 0-9, hyphens, periods and apostrophes”. Any special characters such as ( ! , & ’ etc .) will need to be remove in your Payer Name then you will be able to save.
  3. 2022 Under the Utilities select Import Prior year data > Import One Company at a time

Note: If the Payer does not import you will need to follow steps again


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