Error Converting Data Type Nvarchar to Decimal

Issue: When uploading Tax from from Excel to the Software during the Upload process An Error Occurs: ERROR CONVERTING DATA TYPE NVARCHAR TO DECIMAL 


Reason: Data that was inputted into the Excel Template did not match the Example Format listed on the Template.

Note: Each of the Column Headers (Line 2 of the Template) has a Comment that will define what is the formatting allowed on the column.  Also, below that will be the example for how the Format should be inputted into Excel.

Common areas where error occurs

  • The money columns of the template can ONLY contain 0-9, and decimal.
    • If there is a comma or dollar symbol inside these columns it will generate the Nvachar to Decimal error.
  • If there is any spaces before or after the data in the cell

When Copying Data from another excel template to ours, the best method is to:

  1. Highlight the information on the first template and Right click and select Copy

  2. On our template go to Cell A10 or where they need to input the data

  3. Right Click and Select Paste Special

  4. Select Values


  5. Select OK

This method will only input the Information that were selected and will not transfer over the formatting from the old excel template to the new.




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