Tax Form Money Value Format is Incorrect

Issue: Inputing the tax form money value correctly in the software; however, when printing the form the formatting of the money is changed.

Note: All data created on the images below are generated for example purposes only.

See Example images below:


Image (1): Input of money data into the Software as $50.00


Image (2): Output of the Form, the format has changed to 50.000000000.


This is due to the Currency Format Settings Under the Control Panel.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Go into Control Panel


  2. Select the Clock, Language, and Region

  3. Select Region and Language

  4. Select Additional Settings


  5. Under the Customize Format ensure that No. of digits after decimal  is "2" and Digit Grouping is "123456789".


  6. Set Apply

  7. It may require a Restart or logging off the account and Logging on the account for the change to take effect.
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