How to Reset Password for E-file Account

If you are getting an error when you are trying to link your prior year e-file account to the current Tax Software, this may be due to the fact that your E-file Account Password does not meet the currnet Year Software Requirements.

The Password Requirement for the 2019 Tax Software (ACA/TFP/Laser Link) is:

  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • Must Contain at least ONE ALPHA CHARACTER (A-Z, a-z)
  • Must Contain at least One Number (0-9)
  • Must Contain at least One Symbol (! @ # $ % ^ _ * ( ) - + \ / _ ?)


If your password does not meet the above requirement, you will have to reset your password of the E-file account.

Once you have reset your E-file password, please go back into the 2017 software and go to E-fileCreate an E-file Account and retype your email address and password

Through the prior year software

       If you have access to prior year's software, you can reset the password by following the 
       steps below:

  1. Open the 2018 Tax Software

  2. Navigate to E-file 

  3. Select  "E-file Account Settings"


  4. Select the "Forgot Password" Link


  5. This will open a link to the E-file site, where you can retype your e-mail address to receive an email to Reset Password

Through the E-file Site – Forgot Password Link

  1. Open up a web browser

  2. Navigate to the URL of the E-file Site

  3. On the log in page, click the Forgot Password link to the left of the Log In button.


  4. Enter your email address (associated with the account) and click Submit.


  5. You will see a confirmation message that an email has been sent to you.

  6. Check your email and then click the second (long) link to go to the reset page to enter in a new password.



Through the E-file Site – Account Settings

  1. Open up a web browser

  2. Navigate to the URL of the E-file Site

  3. Log in to your account.  Enter your email address and password and click the Log In button.


  4. Confirm you are logged in by being on the Dashboard page - the screen will read My Dashboard.

  5. Click the Account Settings link located underneath the welcome message, in the upper right corner of screen.


  6. On the Account Information page click the Change Email/Password link on the left side of the screen.


  7. If changing your password fill out all the empty fields in the top half of page under Change Password.


  8. Once all fields are complete click Change Password

  9. Confirm your password has been changed.

  10. You will see a Change Password Complete message.

  11. Click Continue and you will return to the Form Status page.


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