Error When Trying to Roll Data from 2017 to 2018 Software



If you are receiving the Above Error when trying to roll data over from the 2017 software to 2018, this may be due to the following:

NOTE: The 2017 Software MUST still be installed on the computer, and the Database File MUST be in its default location in order for the prior year import to work properly.

1) Software is still the Original Release Version

Please close the Import Prior Year Software Menu, and allow the software to update to the latest version of the software.  If you do not have Internet Connection on the PC that the software is installed, please follow the directions on the link below:

2)2017 database file is located in another user account's folder and you do not have permission to access the data.

To Resolve this Error

  1. Log into the User's Account that was associated with the 2017 software and run the roll over feature through the proper account

  2. Follow the Instructions on the link below to perform the roll over feature:

  3. Once the Roll Over is complete, log out of the User Account used for the 2017 software, and log into the user account for the 2018 software.

  4. Launch the tax software, and go to Payers & Recipients - Manage Payers & Recipients to verify that the information has been transferred over.
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