2016 and Earlier Software Closing

If your 2016 or earlier software is closing when you select the Tax Forms tab from the top Menu Bar:

In looking into this we have found that its a Microsoft issue with the MsVBVM60.dll file that is on you PC is either missing or corrupted you can do the work around of 

1. Going to Payers and Recipients in the tool bar . Select 
2. Manage Payers and Recipients and clicking on Start Filing
3. Select your form and then it will work

You can continue to use the program and also try the steps below to fix the issue as these are Microsoft fixes for the issue you are having:

The cause for this issue is MsVBVM60.dll which is used to control menu in all Microsoft products. The problem is that there are many versions of it which might not be fully compatible.

The cause is very broad. It may be from antivirus/malware which block the .dll and in the result the registry will be corrupted.



One way to fix:
Clean up the registry, then
download and install the Service Pack 6 for VB6 (Run-Time Redistribution Pack)

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