20.18 Software - File is not a database Error



This error occurs if you utilized the 2017 backup file and restored it with the 2018 software.

Note: Years are an example you will looked at the prior year and current years 

The backup / restore function of the software is only for the SAME year software.  If you are trying to roll data from prior year software (2017 to 2018) use the import prior year function of the software.

NOTE: You MUST have the 20.17 Software installed on the same computer in order for the import prior year to work properly.

To fix this issue please follow the steps below.

  1. Uninstall the 20.18 Software (TFP, LaserLink, or ACA)
  2. Open your File Explorer and navigate to C:\ -> Program Files (x86)
  3. Find the Folder Named "TaxRight, TFP for 2018 , "LaserLink for 2018 , or "ACA for 2018"
  4. Delete this folder
  5. Reinstall the 20.18 Software (TaxRight, TFP , LaserLink, or ACA)
  6. Update the software to the latest version
  7. Follow the Steps in the guide below to roll the data from prior year to current year.
    Click Here for Link
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