Duplicate TIN/Forms Detected

For the 2019 Tax Season, our E-file Site has an enhance validation where the E-file system will check the information in the E-file site and the information that is being uploaded from the software. 

 Note: If there is any Discrepancies in the Name such as: Incorrect spelling, commas, period this will cause the duplicate, to avoid this you will need to correct in software, reset the Efile and Efile again.

E-file Site: 


2019 Software:


Notice that the TIN is the Same but the Payer Name differs

To Clear The Duplicate TIN WARNING at once, towards the bottom of the screen there will be a button Accept all as Duplicate - (NOTE: You will also need to Delete any Duplicate Forms prior to E-Filing and submitting Efile)

If you get logged out when you select Accept all as Duplicate it could be your browser ( Edge, I/E and Firefox ) you might need to set your default to Google Chrome and upload again. 


Once all the Errors has been fixed. Select Submit Forms


NOTE: This will clear the Duplicate TIN Warning Message; however, if there is other validation fixes that is required, you will STILL have to edit and fix the errors before you can import the data.


To Clear The Errors One by One Follow the Steps Below:

When you upload forms with these type of dependencies you may encounter this type of warning message.


To Clear this warning Message click on the Pencil Icon



This may open up a Log in Screen as shown Below: 



Log back into your account to get to the Dashboard as shown below:



Keep this window open, and go back to the Software.  Your recipients will be on the right side as shown.


Highlight the Recipient and then select the Reset Button, You will receive a warning in regards to Resetting Select Yes


This will bring the Recipient back to the left column and you will select the Recipients and then E-file again.



When you upload forms, you will encounter the Same message as before.


To Clear this warning Message click on the Pencil Icon



To Open the Tax Menu and validate the Information then Select the "Save Change Button"

This will clear out the Warning Message as Seen on the Image below.  The last step is to Submit Forms to complete the upload process to the e-file site.



NOTE: Screenshots provided is with randomized information.

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