Data Rolling Error "Padding is Invalid" - Importing Prior Year Information

If you are receiving a "PADDING IS INVALID" Error when you are trying to roll over your prior year's Payers & Recipient Information, please follow the steps below:




  1. Close your 20.19 / Current Year Software

  2. Open your 20.18 / Prior Year Software

  3. Go to Payers & Recipients -> Manage Payers & Recipients


  4. You will want to check your Payers and Recipient information to make sure that all the Data is filled.  Typically it may be your first Payer that you will see a blank info such as the image below:

  5. You will either need to: 
    a) Delete the Payer/Recipient by following the steps in the link below:    

    b) Edit the Payer to include all the Required information:
  6.  Once the Payer and/or Recipient information is updated on the Prior Year Software, please close the Prior Year Software and open the Current Year Software.

  7.  Follow the Steps in the link below on how to Import Prior Year Information:
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