How to Manually Import to the Efile site from the Software:

If No forms imported from the software to the efile site after you "Ran As Administrator" - you will need to manually import following the step below: 

When you selected to Efile from the software this creates an excel worksheet, that is uploaded during the efile process, if not forms uploaded your antivirus (firewall) blocking the upload.

After you follow the step below and you still are not able to import, it will be your antivirus (firewall) blocking our site.  

1. Log into efile account 

2. In your software you can find your 'Efile Site' under you Help tab > About TaxRight for 202# /Laser Link for 202# or ACA for 202# select the Efile Site link to be direct to your efile site.

3. Log in using your email and password you created in the software

4. Select Dashboard

5. Import My Forms > View Import Options

6. Select File to Import (arrow up)

7. Browse to: C:\Program Files (x86)\TaxRight for 202# /Laser Link for 202# or ACA for 202# E-file Folder

8. Select the 1099/W2 or 1095 file (excel spreadsheet)

9. This will bring you back to your efile site

10. Select Import Data - this will import your 1099/W2 or 1095 "Review Your Imported Forms"

11. Save All Forms > system will show a spinning wheel, if takes to long F5 to refresh your screen

12. Forms in Progress > Select Form > Select Filing Option: Efile Only

13. Add To Cart > Proceed to Checkout

14. Credit Card information and submit


How to Efile Forms 

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