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          How do I Purchase the software or get the download.

We recommend you purchase from your vendor or re-seller you used previously. If you are not sure who that is, then you can purchase a download form our website at:

Our tax software is in compliance with the IRS/SSA tax filing calculations and current form changes.  To be in compliance with the IRS/SSA we highly recommend you purchase the software yearly. 

Another feature in purchasing (TaxRight/Laser Link/Laser Link XL/ACA) software yearly is to roll your data forward from the previous year. You will not be able to skip a year. 

Product Key - (no cd rom)- Download at: using your email and product key. (current tax filing year is ex. Nov 2021 to Oct 2022) 

You can also Download at using your product key - see instructions below on Download Only (With Product Key) or See PDF for details 

No Product KeyAfter you purchased the software you are able to install it immediately!

Purchase at: - Tax Filing Solutions – Software - 20## Downloads or Previous Year Versions

There is a two-step process – 1st Download Software - 2nd Download Product Key in txt file (README)

1st:  DOWNLOAD software - Select the Quick View or Select the software  image – Download Software

Open Zip Folder – Run the software: TaxRight/TFP/Laser Link/ACA Setup (Application)

Software will download to your computer 

2nd: Get PRODUCT KEY/CODE –  My Account > Orders > Downloadable Products –

Product Key/Code will be in a txt file (README)

 Use the Product Key/Code you previously downloaded to complete the installation


Download Only: (With Product Key)

1. Go to: www.taxformsource.com2. Under Tax Filing Solutions 
3. Select the Software & Year, this will bring up the software  

4. Select "Download Software" - right above Add to Cart (do not add to cart ) you can download the software as long as you have the product key 
5. If you do not have the a product key will need to add to cart to pay at check out.  

See PDF for details on how to purchase and/or download 

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