Will I be penalized for a late submission?

1095, 1098, 1099 and W-2 paper forms are to be postmarked and mailed to recipients by the January 31st deadline*. If you miss this mailing date you may be subject to penalties. If you are in this situation it is usually best to get your recipient copies mailed and have our site file your data electronically by the March 31st electronic filing deadline.

Intentional disregard of mailing & filing introduces substantial penalties.

See PDF below for more information on penalties associated with late filing.

* When January 31st falls on a weekend the deadline extends to the next business day.

Note: this mailing deadline does not refer to the 1042-S Form.

Increase in Information Return Penalties

If you need more information please refer to your CPA Accountant, IRS/SSA or Tax Attorney. 


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