How to correct a W-2 or W-3, W-2C or W-3C

If you already mailed or efiled your form W-2 and now need to make a correction, you will need to file a W-2C and W-3C and mail to the SSA.  If you need further assistance on how to correct, please contact your tax provider or visit the SSA website

Laser Link Supports W-2C and W-3C 

How to efile a correction Efile: 

When an employer files their W-2 by paper and now needs to file a correction the employer can file the W-2C by paper or electronically.  

If you efile log into your efile account to File a Correction Only Type 1 (Dollar Amount) corrections are supported.

An employer may submit an electronic W-2C to correct a paper W-2. In addition, please refer to the following webpage (“Using The Services” tab/FORMS W-2C/W-3C ONLINE/RESTRICTIONS):, of which, states:


The following restrictions apply to all W-2c reports, including those filed on paper:

  • Previous W-2s in which both the Name and SSN fields were blank may not be corrected.

  • Agent Indicator Codes may not be corrected.

  • You must verify your W-2 report has moved to Complete status before attempting to file a correction. If your W-2 report has not moved to Complete status, call Social Security Employer Reporting Assistance number 1-800-772-6270.

  • Self-employed individuals may not file correction reports.

  • Do not use W-2c Online if you are attempting to correct address information. Please complete IRS Form 8822.

rev 2/28/18

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