Printing - IRS Copy A Check Boxes

When printing my forms does the X need to be in the center of the check box? 

According to the IRS Publication 1141 More than 50% of the applicable check box must be covered by an “X” 

Revenue Procedure 2017-42

Reprinted from IR Bulletin 2017-29

Dated July 17, 2017

Publication 1141



Part 2 Section 2.1 page 9

.11 The checkboxes in box 13 of Form W-2 (Copy A) and in box b of Form W-3 must be 0.14 inches each. The space before the first checkbox is 0.24 inches; the space between the first and second checkbox and between the second and third checkbox must be 0.36 inches; the space between the third checkbox to the right border of box 13 should be 0.32 inches (see Exhibit A).

Note. More than 50% of an applicable checkbox must be covered by an “X.”

IRS Publication 1141


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