How to Check the Status of E-filed ACA Forms through the Software

Check Status of E-filed Forms:

Once your forms have been e-filed, you may want to check the status of your filings:

  • When they were accepted by the IRS and/or SSA
  • When recipient copies were, if you selected the service option of E-file & Delivery
  • When you are able to e-file a correction form Print copies of your forms for your files or replacement copies for your recipients

  Follow these steps to check the status of your filed forms from your software:


1) Select E-file from the top menu bar and go to Check Status of E-filed Forms




2) Type in your E-file Account's Password in the next window and select Log in



3) This will take you to the Filed Forms page of your E-file Account.

4) Use the filters to designate the Year and Form Type that you wish to see the status and select Apply.


5) Filed On - This will be the date that we have submitted the forms to the Federal

6) File Accepted - This will be the date that the Federal has accepted the forms.

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