How to Check the Status of E-filed ACA Forms through the Software

Check Status of E-Filed Forms

Once your forms have been e-filed, you may want to check the status of your filings:

  • When they were accepted by the IRS and/or SSA
  • When recipient copies were, if you selected the service option of E-file & Delivery
  • When you are able to e-file a correction form Print copies of your forms for your files or replacement copies for your recipients

  Follow these steps to check the status of your filed forms from your software:

 1) Select E-file from the top menu bar and go to Check Status of E-filed Forms




2) Type in your E-file Account's Password in the next window and select Log in


3) This will take you to the Filed Forms page of your E-file Account.

4) File Pending - This will be the date that we have submitted the forms to the Federal

5) File Accepted - This will be the date that the Federal has accepted the forms.

 It will show the receipt confirmation ID number which is the number that the IRS assigns the file when they receive it. You can record this number and provide to the IRS as proof of filing. 

Note: The E-File portal is available through the software for the current tax filing year only (i.e. Nov to Oct 31st). 

If the E-File tab along with sub menu will be disable, to view the status for prior years Filed Forms.

Select > Help tab > About TaxRight/Laser Link/ACA > E-File Site 

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