How to Print ACA Forms

Printing a ACA Form:


1) Select Print Forms from the menu bar then select Print Forms from the drop-down.


2) Select the payer/company from the Company from drop-down.

3) Select the form type from the Form drop-down.

4) Select the employee from the Employees available to Printed window. 

5) Select the format, printing option (pre-printer or laser generated) and copy(s) you want to print.

* Pre-Printed Forms  - Forms that have the layout of the forms printed on the page ready for data population.

 * Laser Generated (Blank)- Forms that may or may not have instructions printed on the back and are ready for data population with compatible software. This will print the form along with your data. IRS/SSA printing specifications require that blank forms have perforations. IRS/SSA Copy A can only be pre-printed forms. 

6) Set the print alignment and click Save Alignment.

7) Click View to preview the form on screen or Print to print.

(If printing from the View screen you will have the option to print as a PDF or to your printer)

NOTE: Printing for the View screen - It WILL NOT save the alignment you MUST print from the print button if you aligned your forms.

** To print correction form you must put check mark in (Correction) box **



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