How to E-file Forms through the ACA Software

1) Once you have created your e-file account, click E-file My Forms from the Account Created screen or select E-file My Forms from the E-File menu drop-down



2) On the E-file My Forms screen, select the form type you want to e-file, from the Select Form drop-down menu.




3) Select to e-file Single Payer or Multiple Payers . The Single Payer option allows you to e-file the recipients one payer at a time (if you select Single Payer continue onto Step 4). The Multiple Payer option allows you to choose multiple payers to e-file at once, however all available recipients to e-file will automatically be selected, so you do not have the option to select specific recipients (if you select Multiple Payers move onto Step 6).




Note: when selecting Multiple Payers a pop-up message will appear reminding you how this option works.

4) Select the payer you want to e-file from the Select Payer drop-down.

5) Select the recipients you want to e-file from the Select Employees to E-file window. (their names will be highlighted in Blue).

6) Click E-file to upload your forms to the e-file site.



If your forms have errors, a pop-up message will appear reading “There are error(s) in your file.” Click OK.



7) If your forms were uploaded successfully a webpage will open within the software and you will be brought to the Forms In Progress page on the e-file site.



On this page you can run a Summary or Totals report to check the data entered, you can view and/or edit the forms uploaded from your software, delete forms not needed and checkout forms to e-file.

8) When you are ready to e-file your forms check the box next to the form that you want e-file. If you are selecting all forms click the ‘Select all XX items’ link above the grid to ensure that all forms are selected and not just the visible forms on page 1.


9) After selecting the forms you want to checkout, select the service option of E-file and Delivery or E-file Only, then click Add to Cart.


10) Once your forms are in the cart, click Proceed to Checkout.


11) On the next page, review the Affidavit and check the box to confirm you read it, then click Submit

12) On the last page, enter your credit card information and click Place Order.

13) Once your order is placed you will navigate to the Payment Successful page. You can print this page for your records, however an invoice will be emailed to you as well. Click Proceed to Next Step.

14) Your filing process will be completed as you are navigated to the Filed Forms page, where you can track and view the status of your filings.



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