Reports: How to Run Master Database Report in ACA

Companies & Employees Reports

The software offers users a unique way to keep a record of year-end filings by transferring all data from the forms to comprehensive reports. There are four types of reports available:

Master Database Report: view ALL Companies and Employees in two separate lists.

Companies/Employee Report: view Companies and Employees setup directly under them.

Summary Report: review form information by form type and employee for either ALL companies or a selected company.

Note: You will not be able to export your data to a excel file

How to Run a Master Database Report:

1) Select Reports from the menu bar then select Run Companies & Employees Reports.

1 Tool Bar.gif


2)  Select Master Database Report from the Select Report to Run drop-down menu.


3) Select how you would like to sort both companies & employees from the Sort Report by drop-down menu.


Note: Sorting companies & employees is optional.

4) Click View/Print to create the report and print to a pdf



5). Select the percentage to size the report 




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