How to File a Correction Form on the E-file Site from the Software

How to File a Correction Form on the E-file Site from the Software:

Once your forms have been e-filed, you may want to check the status of your filings:

  • When they were accepted by the IRS and/or SSA
  • When you are able to e-file a correction form Federal IRS/SSA (state corrections not supported)
  • You will be are to file a correction for the Dollar Amount Federal 
  • You are able to file a correction for the current tax filing year only through the current software

 Follow these steps to File a Correction through the efile web service from your software:

1) Select the E-file and Check Status of Efile Forms from the window. 



Note: E-file portal is only available for the current tax filing year software. If you need to file for the previous tax year you will need to go directly to your E-file site. In software Menu bar select the Help tab then select About Laser Link/TaxRight for 202# select E-file Site. You will see your E-file Site Web Address link. 



2) A web browser will open, logging you in to your e-file account and navigating you to the Filed Forms page.


Step 1

Log in to your account. You will be directed to the dashboard.




Step 2

In the dashboard, hover over the Filings tab in the left navigation bar and click Filed to be directed to your filed forms page. 


Step 3

Remember – even if you filed an original for all form types that we offer on the efile site, the Correction Forms we offer are:  1099-MISC Correction, 1099-NEC Correction, 1099-DIV Correction, 1099-INT Correction, 1099-R Correction,1099-S Correction, 1098 Correction, W-2C and ACA corrections.

*You will also need to make sure the form you need to file a correction for has already been e-filed and accepted, you will not be able to file a correction on an original form until it has been e-filed and accepted by the IRS. You will be able to see the status of your forms by looking at the Federal Filing column for an accepted status. If the form is not accepted, you will need to wait until your form gets accepted by the IRS to file a correction. Please note this account is for test purposes.



Step 4

Locate the form in the grid you need to file a correction for and to the left of the Delivery Status column click “File Correction”

Forms that we do not offer corrections for will not have File Correction value once they have been e-filed and accepted by the IRS.

Step 4 cont

This will prompt a question “Would you like to file a correction for and re-deliver to the recipient for $7.95?”

If you click Yes, you will be brought to a page where your original form appears with all the original data you input, however it will be a Corrected form with the Corrected box at the top (with a check in the box) and the form name will reference the Correction (i.e. 1099-MISC Correction).


If you click No, the action will be canceled, the pop-up will disappear and you will remain on the Filed Forms page.



Step 5

If you clicked Yes, in the pop-up message, your original form will be brought up. You will not be able to make any changes to the Payer or Recipient information, but will be able to change any amounts you originally filed.

Once you make your changes you can then click Save to place your form in Forms in Progress.



If you click Ok, it will discard your action to file a correction form, navigate you back to the Filed Forms page and replace the File a Correction link next to your Original Form.

If you click Cancel, it will cancel your action to cancel the correction, the pop-up will disappear and you will remain on your now Correction form page where you can make the corrections needed.

You are able to select Print Preview to verify the information was entered correctly




Step 6

Once you have completed filling out your correction form(s) you will need to complete the purchasing process by adding your forms to your Cart.

Choose the form you want to purchase by selecting the box next to the form in the Select box to the left to the form type on the grid, then select your filing option and then click Add to Cart.


This will place your form in your cart, where you will now see the filing fee of $7.95 for the correction form, and you can proceed to checkout to submit and file your correction form.


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