How to Check the Status of E-filed Forms

Check Status of E-filed Forms:

Once your forms have been e-filed, you may want to check the status of your filings:

  • When they were accepted by the IRS and/or SSA
  • When recipient copies were, if you selected the service option of E-file & Delivery
  • When you are able to e-file a correction form Print copies of your forms for your files or replacement copies for your recipients


Follow these steps to check the status of your filed forms from your software:

 Note: E-file is available mid-November to October 31st (tax filing year). We start transmitting to the IRS in mid-January when the IRS open there site. 

1) Select E-file and then select Check Status of Filed Forms.  On the Pop up enter your password, and click log in



2) A web browser will open, logging you in to your e-file account and navigating you to the Filed Forms page.


On this page you can use the filter to view a specific form type. In the E-Filed On column, you can view the date your forms were e-filed. In the E-File Accepted column, you can view the date your forms were accepted by the IRS or SSA. The Delivery Status column show the date the forms were mailed to your recipients if you selected the E-file & Delivery service option. The Correct Errors column will display a clickable link to File a Correction, if available.


You can also select specific forms and print copies for your files or to give to the recipient if they need a additional copies.

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