How to Restore data

You will first need to back up your data to a Flash Drive/USB/Jump drive restore to a new computer

How to Backup you Data 


 Default Location of Backup Folder:

2016 Software: C:\Program Files (x86)\______ for 2016\Backup
______ will be the software name
File extension will be .bkp

 2017 Software: C:\Program Files (x86)\_______for_2017\DbBackup

______ will be the software name

File extension will be .bak

2018 Software: C:\Program Files (x86)\______ for 2018\DbBackup

______ will be the software name

File extension will be .bak


Restore Database

This software allows you to replace the existing database with a backup database using the back up file:

1)  Close all windows before start.

2)  Select Utilities from menu bar, then Backup/Restore DB.

3)  Click Restore.




4)  A pop-up message will appear letting you know the Restore button will load back the database you saved the last time you backed up your software.



5)  Click OK.

6)  Select the backup file you want to restore to your software that you previously saved on a flash drive.




7)  Click OPEN to continue.

8)  When database restoration finished, a completion screen will appear. 




9)  Click OK.

10)  The software program will then close. You can re-open it to activate the new restored database.



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