How to edit Recipients

Using the Recipient/Payee information Screens:


1)  Select Payers & Recipients from the menu bar then select Manage Payers & Recipients from the drop-down.


2) Select the payer/company (the recipient you need to edit is listed under) from Payer/Company drop-down.

3) Select the recipient/payee you need to edit from recipient window.

4) Click View/Edit.


5) Make necessary changes and click Save.



Editing a recipient/payee directly in the tax form:

1) Select Tax Forms from the menu bar then select the specific tax form from the drop-down.


2) Select the payer/company from Payer/Company drop-down.

3) Select the recipient you need to edit from the recipient list in the bottom window.

Note: Recipient/Payee list can be sorted in the following ways (SSN, First Name, Last Name, Name 2, or ID number). Click the Sort by drop-down list to select the way you want to sort your recipients/payees and choose if you want to sort the top or bottom window.

4) Click in the recipient/payee fields where you want to make a change and hit Enter.

5) The Edit Recipient screen will pop-up, make your changes and click Save.

6) The tax form will be refreshed and your changes will be displayed on the tax form.




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