Importing Forms from Excel Templates

Importing Forms from Excel:

Note: If you used another program other then TaxRight/Laser Link you will Export your data from your accounting/software program into a MS excel spreadsheet and (Copy & Paste -> Values into our import template) to import. 

Error during importing see below: 

1) Select Utilities from the menu bar then select Import Current Tax Year Tax Forms from the drop-down.


2)  Select the payer/company from the Payer/Company drop-down for which you want to import tax forms.

3)  Select the tax form for which you want to import forms from the Import Template drop-down.

4)  Click Get Template.



5)  Type in a new file name for the template (i.e. Form Name – Template), and choose the location to save your file (it is highly recommended to save your file to your desktop to make it easy to locate). Click Save.


 6)   Minimize the software program screen.

 7)   Locate and open the Excel template you saved in step 5.

 8)   Enter your tax form data into the appropriate fields in the file. 

Note: When entering a EIN/TIN Company put in Last Name field

 9)  Save and close the Excel file when finished entering the data.

10)  Maximize the software program screen.

11)  On the Import Current Year Tax Forms screen enter the # of records (tax forms) you are importing.

12)  Click Import.


13)  Click Add or Overwrite for the tax forms you are importing. 


  • Add means you want to add more recipients to the existing recipients for the selected payer. 
  • Overwrite means the current recipient list for the payer selected will be overwritten with the new recipients in the import (meaning it will delete all current recipients in your software for that specific payer). If a recipient existed, it cannot update everything because that recipient may have other tax forms created with a different name. If the recipient does not exist and you need update 
  • In Import:
    1.    if a recipient is existed, it will update based on that recipient's record
    2.    if a recipient is not existed, it will create new record for that recipient

XYZ Company created 2 records using SSN or TIN
one is for contractor, another is for employee  



14)  Locate the template you saved earlier with your tax form data and click Open.

15) Your software will now import the data from the Excel file and when completed a message on the import screen will appear reading:  “(Form Type) Tax File is Imported.”

Note: You can check to make sure all your tax forms were imported by looking at the forms created under the payer/company selected. 

Note: If the software detects any errors during the import process, the error report will
be located in View Import Error List located under Payers & Recipients tab.

Import Errors and How to Troubleshoot:

  • If the Excel Template is giving you an error when you are trying to delete information that you have inputted (The Error should state Read Only).
    • This is due to the fact that the formatting of the excel template has been modified. Please follow the steps below
    • Follow the instructions in the link below to grab a new template:
    • Importing Forms from Excel
    • Highlight all the information on the old template and copy
    • On the New Template go to the cell at A10 and right click
    • Use the option under Paste -> Values to copy just the data (not the formatting) to the New Template
  • Check List - Error While Importing Data from Excel Template to our Software
    • Ensure that all formatting regulations are followed.
      • Format information can be seen on the notes if you select the column header on row 2 (yellow box will populate with the info)
    • Make sure that there is no rogue information inside boxes that is supposed to be blank.
      • Rule of thumb is to right click on the area that is supposed to be blank and use the clear content option
      • Check that there is no spaces after your data this will cause the forms not to import! 

Google Docs is not supported: Error message

  • Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. click Quit, the application will close immediately. The path is not of a legal form."
  • Please get the template and try again
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