How to create a Recipient as a Company

Using the Manage Payer & Recipient Screen:


1)    Select Payers & Recipients from the menu bar then select Manage Payers & Recipients from the drop-down.


2)    Select payer/company from the Payer/Company drop-down.

3)    Click Add Recipients Manually.


4) When adding a Recipient Company you can omit the name slot if needed.  Add the Company Name under Alternative Name.


5)  Enter rest of the recipient information (Bold fields are Required fields) and click Save & Add Another if you have multiple recipients to add or click Save to return to the Manage Payers & Recipients screen.



Creating a recipient/payee in the tax forms:

1)    Select Tax Forms from the menu bar then select the specific tax form from the drop-down.


2)    Select the payer/company from Payer/Company drop-down.

3)    Click New.

4)    Enter tax data into tax form.

5)    Click Save.

6)   Repeat the process to continue creating new recipients/payees in the tax forms.



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