How to create a Recipient as a Company

Using the Manage Payer & Recipient Screen:


1)    Select Payers & Recipients from the menu bar then select Manage Payers & Recipients from the drop-down.


2)    Select payer/company from the Payer/Company drop-down.

3)    Click Add Recipients Manually.


4) When adding a Recipient Company you can omit the name slot.  Add the Company Name under Alternative Name.


5)  Enter rest of the recipient information (Bold fields are Required fields) and click Save & Add Another if you have multiple recipients to add or click Save to return to the Manage Payers & Recipients screen.



Creating a recipient/payee in the tax forms:

1)    Select Tax Forms from the menu bar then select the specific tax form from the drop-down.


2)    Select the payer/company from Payer/Company drop-down.

3)   Click New - Payer/Company will populate on the form

4)    Click in the Recipient name box 

5)    Enter the New Recipient/Company

6)    Click Save.

 Repeat the process to continue creating new recipients/payees in the tax forms.



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