How to Manually Update Software

Throughout the Tax Season, our software will have updates to ensure that we are in compliance with any new IRS regulations that may surface throughout the season.  It is important to ensure that you have the latest versions of the software installed.

Our software is designed to retrieve the update file (if available) during each launch of the program; however, if your computer does not find the update file or is not connected to the Internet you will be able to use this method to retrieve the updater to run the update.

Note: If you do not have internet connection on the computer, you will have to use a separate computer to download the update file.

How to Verify Software Release Number

  1. Open your tax software

  2. Navigate to Help - About This Program

  3. The Release Number is listed under the Program Name.

Verifying the TEMP and Update folders of the Software for no files

  1. Open up File Explorer 

  2. Navigate to the following Folders: C:\Program Files (x86)\Software for 2023\UpdatesC:\Program Files (x86)\Software for 2023\Temp
    Software = Name of the Software

    Ensure that there is no files within these two folders

  3. Click on the link below to access the Support Site where you can download the latest update:

    Click Here
  4. On the Site it will show you the Software Name.
    Click on the link associated with your software to download the update file.

  5. Once the file finishes downloading.  Make sure your software is closed, and double click on the downloaded file to run the manual updater.

  6. Once the Update is complete it will relaunch your Tax Software.

  7. Go to Help About this program to verify that your Release number matches what was shown on the site.
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