How to Print Transmittal for Specific Group of Recipient(s) - 1096

Generally Transmittal Forms are used to report a summary of a batch of recipients to be included with the filing. There will be situations where you need to create a new batch of recipients under the same payer and create a transmittal forms for those.

Please follow the steps below to print a transmittal for a specific amount of recipients:

For 1096 Transmittal:

  1. Go to Print Forms -> Print Tax Forms
  2. Select the Payer
  3. Select the Tax Form in the bottom (This will be the type of 1098, 1099, 3921, 5498, W-2G)
  4. Verify if all the Recipients are located in the bottom box: Recipients/Payees with Forms Printed

    If they are not, please use the SELECT ALL RECIPIENTS Button and use the Down button to move them all to the bottom box

    After this all the Recipient Names should be on the bottom box as shown:

  5. Select the Box next to the Red 1096 to get into the 1096 Print Screen

  6. Click on the Recipient Name who you wish to include in the 1096 Transmittal - (Name will be highlighted in blue)


  7. Select Print to receive a Message in regards to Printing the 1096. Follow prompt on the message to print.
    (If printing from the View screen you will have the option to print as a PDF or to your printer)

NOTE: Printing from the View screen WILL NOT save the alignment so you MUST print using the print button. 



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