Filtering 1099-MISC by Box 7 NEC (Nonemployee Compensation) 20.18 - 20.19 Software

New feature: LaserLink 20.18 and TFP 20.18 Release # and on

The filtering of the 1099-MISC based on if there is information in Box 7 (Nonemployee Compensation) will be on the Print Forms page once you have selected the Payer and the Form Type (1099-MISC)

1. On the top menu select Print Forms  -> Print Tax Forms


2. Select the Payer which has 1099-MISC information create


3. Select the Form Type 1099-MISC


4. Use the drop down option below the Box 7 (NEC) to filter:
BLANK - All 1099-MISC Recipients will be displayed on the Left
NEC - Recipients with Money Value in Box 7 will be displayed on the Left
NON-NEC - Recipient with No Money Value in Box 7 will be displayed on the Left


Create 1096 with Filtered Recipients

1. Once you finished printing the 1099-MISC for the Recipients, their names will be on the bottom list Recipients/Payees with Forms Printed


2. While you still have your selection in the drop down for Box 7 (NEC) filled you will select the box next to the red 1096


3. Use the Select ALL Recipients Button to select All the Recipients that are filtered to be included in the 1096



4. Select the Print Button while the Recipients are Highlighted in Blue


5. Select the Printer from the Drop Down Menu and select OK


6. Select YES to print the 1096 for the Selected Recipients




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