Printer Selection Screen

Starting from 2018 Software the Printer Selection Screen was mainstreamed as a part of the printing flow:

1. When you are ready to print go to Print Forms -> Print Tax Forms

2. Select Payer and Tax Form Type 

3. Once you select the Recipient / Print type / Copy /Calendar Year and select Print you will be prompted to select the Printer

Note: Calendar Year - You MUST Verify on each copy how the Year prints  20_ _ or _ _ _ _,  Not all copies are the same

20_ _   Print 2-digit year

_ _ _ _ Print 4-digit year 

4. If needed you can modify the Printer Properties with the Properties button.


In order for the data to fit properly, you will need to have it set for 

  • Paper Type: Letter
  • Resizing: Actual Size
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