Printer Selection Screen

Starting from 2018 Software the Printer Selection Screen was mainstreamed as a part of the printing flow:

1. When you are ready to print go to Print Forms -> Print Tax Forms

2. Select Payer and Tax Form Type 

3. Once you select the Recipient / Print type / Copy /Calendar Year and select Print you will be prompted to select the Printer

Note: Calendar Year - You MUST Verify on each copy how the Year prints  20_ _ or _ _ _ _,  Not all copies are the same

20_ _   Print 2-digit year

_ _ _ _ Print 4-digit year 

4. If needed you can modify the Printer Properties with the Properties button.

NOTE: In order for the data to fit properly, you will need to have it set for:

  • Paper Type: Letter
  • Resizing: Actual Size
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