Recipient does not appear W2


If the Recipient is created under the Mange Payers & Recipient Screen, but does not appear when you are on the Tax Forms W-2 Screen, this may be due to some regulations in regards to what type of recipients you can create a W-2 tax form. 


Below are the common issues on why the Recipient does NOT show on the Tax Forms >

W-2 / W-2C Page:

  • Recipient was created with Company Name instead of First/Last Name
  • W-2 Recipients can only be for SSN Recipients, if the TIN of the Recipient is created as EIN Format (XX-XXXXXXX) the recipient Name will not show up on the W-2 List.

  • W-2 Recipient Info has Alternative Name Field Filled in.  NOTE: Alternative Name Field is ONLY used for EIN Company Name.

  • IF the W-2 Recipient's TIN is in 9XX-XX-XXXX format.  These numbers are considered to be ITIN and W-2 Cannot be filed:

    Per the Social Security Administration payers cannot file W-2s for recipients that have social security numbers starting with a 9. If a W-2 is filed with an SSN beginning with a 9 the form will be rejected by the SSA, for that reason we do not allow W-2 forms to be filed on our site for a recipient with an SSN beginning with the number 9.

     The only SSNs given out by the IRS that begin with the number 9 are ITINs and as the SSA states per Publication 15 "Do not use an ITIN in place of an SSN on Form W-2."

     If you have a recipient that needs to file a W-2 for with a SSN beginning with a 9 contact the SSA at 1-800-772-6270.

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