Formstax Software Download & Product Key

Where do I purchase the software disc or digital download?

We recommend you purchase from your vendor or re-seller you used previously. If you are not sure who that is, then you can purchase from:

If you have purchased and set up an account in the last few years, you can go to Formstax site and log into your account. Your account and password will work on Formstax. If you haven’t ordered in the last few years, we invite you to set up a free account on the site.

Do I need to purchase the software yearly?

Our tax software is in compliance with the IRS/SSA tax filing calculations and current form changes.  To be in compliance with the IRS/SSA we highly recommend you purchase the software yearly. 

Purchasing the new (TaxRight/Laserlink/ACA) software on yearly basis, will give you the ability to roll your data forward from the previous year. You will not be able to skip a years when rolling data forward. 

We archive our Tax Software programs for 4 years. 

After you purchased the software you are able to install it immediately. The information below will cover the process. 

How do I purchase the Software digital download? 

1. Log into or create an account at

Select Software to purchase: Current Year or Previous Year Versions to Download

2. Purchase download: – Locate software TFP, TaxRight, Laser Link, or ACA and add to shopping cart. Next proceed to address, shipping, payment, confirm, and complete sections.  FORMSTAX_CART.PNG


3. Download Software by going to the Item description on the site & the Download Software link is above the "add to cart" 

Next Download Software to your computer by Opening Zip Folder and Run the TFP/TaxRight/Laser Link/ACA 20## Setup exe (Application). Note: You can view Zip Folder in the Microsoft Windows download Folder. 

How do I get my Product Key code to install my Software? 

1. Get Product Code – Sign into your account at

   Click on the circle/half circle icon in upper right corner of site and then Select My Account > Orders > Downloadable Products

  Select download  ** Product Key is available in txt. README file (Download) The product key will download into your download folder on your computer.

2. Use the product key code to complete installation of software. (When you run the software it will ask you for the Product Key Code)

Where can I download the software if I have no CD/DVD Rom Drive? 

If you purchased a software disc but your computer has no CD/DVD Rom Drive you can download the software at

using your software product key code & valid Email. 

Use PDF guide: On how to purchase Software Download & obtain Product Key Code

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