ACA Codes - Terms - Abbreviations - Saving Form

ACA Codes - Terms and Abbreviations

Select Box 14 and select the Codes - All 12 Months or Jan - Dec. using the drop down

Note: Box 14 – 16 All 12 Months are the same enter the Code and enter the dollar amount in the All 12 months in both sections of the template. 
Box 14 – 16 if the code or dollar amount is different for each month Do not put the code in All 12 months
Enter the code in column (Jan – Dec) and amount for each Month

Part II: Code 14 and 16 - On the Right is a list of all the qualifying Offer Codes 

Select box 14 or box 16 drop down for codes and description

*If unable to save form with Codes please remove data in "Employees Age on January 1" then save

(Please review the attached PDF files for useful information on ACA)


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