How to Allow Trusted Site

When you efile from the Laser Link, TaxRight or ACA software and your forms are not uploading to the efile site it could be your firewall and/or antivirus blocking our site & you will need to modify Internet Security to allow Trusted Site. 


Allow to Trust Site Explanation

  •  It could be your firewall and/or antivirus is blocking our site and not allowing you to efile. 
  • Under your efile user account you will need to allow the efile site to be in what is called White List (granting special permissions). To Locate your E-File website in your TaxRight, Laserlink or ACA software please open your software and go to top Menu Bar then under the Help tab select "About TaxRight for 20##" or "About LaserLink for 20##" or "About ACA for 20##" and the E-File Site web link will be in the following screen. Copy the website address example: https://(nameofyourefilesite)
  •  Go to "Control Panel" on your computer check the "Internet Options" and add our efile sites to "Trust Sites" (in Security tab)


Below steps will be instructions to follow:

  1. Open Control Panel 



2. Open Internet Options or Network and Internet 

3. Click Security tab



4. Select Trusted sites


5. Click Sites button

6. In the Box:  "Add your Efile  website to the zone:"


7. Click Add

The efile website will now be under the Websites: as a trusted site. 

8. Click Close

Click OK to close the Internet Properties


You can view these and more article at: 


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