How to Create an E-file Account

Create an E-file Account:

1.) Click E-file in the menu bar then select Create an E-file Account

* If Create an E-file Account is greyed out and "E-file My Forms" is available, then you have already set up an efile account in the past (even if you never efile) an account was created. Our system will look for an account if we are not able to find your email Create an Efile Account again. 

Select the E-file My Forms - Your email will already be here - If you do not remember your Password select Forgot Password - Allow up to 15 minutes off tax season, tax season can take at times 45 minute to get the reset email check your Inbox check your junk/spam folder:

See Article on Reset Password

*** When you log into Efile My Forms and you enter an incorrect password you will get the message: 

E-file Account SetupWe’ve sent you an email confirmation. Click the provided link in the email to continue setting up your account. If you did not receive this email , please try creating your account again. If you still experience issues, please contact us.

An email will be sent to complete the set up, if no email was received Create an E-file Account should be lite up. 

Didn't get email Depending on your network security the email may get delivered to your spam/junk folder or to a 3rd party spam filter if you have one, check your company’s quarantine folder for the email.
You have a few different emails all to them are for our Zendesk support site please add, & to their address book as safe and try again
You may want to reach out to your IT department for assistance regarding this concern.

How To Efile - Run as Administrator - 

Click:  How-To-Efile-Run-as-Administrator

How to E-file Video -


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