How to Create an E-file Account

Create an E-file Account:

Note: You will need to have Microsoft 2007 or Higher, full version (I-Cloud, Starter or Open Office will not support the e-file site)

1) Click E-file in the menu bar then select Create an E-file Account.


  2) Enter an email address and password in the data fields and click Continue to Next Step.


 3) Enter contact information for the account to be created. All fields in Bold are required. Then click Continue to Next Step.


 4) Review the information entered and click Create Account if everything is correct or Back to Previous Step to edit information.


  5) Once you click Create Account a pop-up message will appear once your account has been created. Click OK.


 6) Now that your account is created you will see the Account Created screen. From here you can click E-File My Forms or continue to file forms and click E-file My Forms from the E-File menu bar when you are ready to e-file.



Note: you have created your e-file account, the menu item Create an E-file Account, under the E-file menu, will be disabled to prevent accidental duplication of accounts.

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