How to Uninstall Software - Windows 10

Before you uninstall if you have already started entering in data you will need to back up the database - See How to Backup 

How to Backup -

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How to Restore Software - 

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Trouble Shooting -  2017

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Trouble Shooting -  2018

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Instructions on How to Uninstall Software for Windows 7 -  

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How to uninstall software

 NOTE: If you have entered any data in the software program first back up and copy and paste the back up to your desktop you will need this to restore the data after you install again.

We recommend you do a complete uninstall if you are having issues,

1) Control Panel uninstalled the software your Laser Link/TaxRight/TFP/ACA

2) Under the Program Files or Program Files (x86) 

3) Under the C users) see below 


For Windows 10 (Follow Step C - E)

C. Select the Start Button

D. Select the Gear Icon as shown in the image below:


E. Select the Apps Option as shown






3. You will need to delete two more files from your PC. Click on File Explorer icon.PNG


4. Double click on your Local Drive.




5. Double click on Program Files or Program Files (x86)  -

In the Program Files or Program Files (x86) will be the Laser Link / TaxRight / TFP Folder delete this folder 



If uninstalling 2021 -  2022 or Prior Year Software (2016 & older) - Database is under the C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\LaserLink/TaxRight/TFP/ACA - delete the set up log 

Caution: Once you delete this folder you no longer will be to restore your data 

6. Delete the Data base (2017 Only)- Located under the C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local - 


Follow the instructions below to Delete the Database for 2017 Software ONLY

Here you will Delete the Folder: TFP / Laser Link /ACA



Note: If you do not see Appdata it could be hidden -

In the top Navigation Bar Select View

Select Hidden Items




 After you have remove all file and folders Reboot your PC


 7. After you have Delete the 3 files go to your desktop and Empty the Recycle Bin 

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